2013 – present


Cupertino, CA

Design lead for Siri in CarPlay (iOS 7 – iOS 11). Managed planning, scoping and specification process. Created screen composites and interactive, multimedia mockups. Collaborated closely with partner teams inside and outside of Siri organization.

Designed new Siri interactions for Podcasts (iOS 7) and Apple Music (iOS 8).

Identified and championed usability improvements to Business Search and Messaging on iOS and Apple Watch.

Branched and modified the Siri codebase to make custom prototypes for demonstrations and user studies, for example studies of text messaging efficiency and usability.

Designed platform- and content-level voice interaction patterns for AirPods and HomePod.

Led voice and initial visual design for Siri Translations (iOS 11).

Co-led the design of Do Not Disturb While Driving (iOS 11).

Prototyped and led the production design of Siri’s more streamlined auditory feedback on 2019’s AirPods (with H1 chip) and subsequent audio products.

Currently designing next-generation voice and multimodal experiences for various classes of Apple hardware.

2011 – 2013

Nuance Communications

Burlington, MA

UX lead for Dragon Drive reference implementation; designed novel voice, graphical and tactile UIs for “white label” prototypes shown by Denso at CES 2012 and by Hyundai at CES 2013.

Technical lead on a team of five engineers (including myself) working in the Scrum/Kanban paradigm.

Engaged in numerous technical interactions/collaborations with customers such as Ford, Chrysler, BMW, Harman, Denso and Samsung. Presented and demonstrated prototypes at customer meetings and Nuance events.

Managed contractors tasked with graphic design, supplemental GUI implementation and user research.

2004 – 2010

Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs

Cambridge, MA

Invented multimodal (speech + X) user interface techniques to reduce the cognitive load imposed by car navigation systems and other mobile devices. A video demonstration of one such technique can be found at http://garrettweinberg.com/p113.mov.

Built frameworks and prototypes showcasing voice search across music and navigation databases. Java/Android, C#/Windows CE, etc. Demo’d them to Mercedes, Volvo, Audi, etc.

Designed, conducted and documented various usability studies, some taking place in a driving simulator. Metrics included time on task, lane deviation, and eye glance/gaze duration.

2003 – 2004


(Now owned by Vestmark)
Cambridge, MA

Implemented model-view-controller logic and custom, data-aware GUI components. Java/Windows.

2001 – 2003

Digital Media On Demand

(Now defunct)
Burlington, MA

Coded components of enterprise Java back-end for Digital Rights Management system.

Designed and implemented user interfaces in C++ and Java/JSP.

2000 – 2001

Dragon Systems

(Now owned by Nuance Communications)
Newton, MA

Wrote, localized and tested grammars for an automotive speech recognizer.

Wrote and debugged build and QA scripts.

Engaged with customer (Visteon) to gather requirements and obtain feedback on deliveries.

1997 – 1999


CCG Systems

Norfolk, VA

Implemented custom GUI components in C++.

1996 – 2000

Yale University

New Haven, CT

B.A. with Distinction in the Comparative Literature major. Liberal Arts foundation supplemented by Computer Science major-track courses on data structures and algorithms. GPA: 3.64

2007 – 2008


Tufts University

Medford, MA

Additional coursework in discrete mathematics, computer architecture, and software engineering.